About me

I've never been a girlie girl but have always LOVED makeup. I love everything about it.


I know what it's like to wake up in the morning and the face in the mirror scares me. But I love that a little bit of foundation, and a touch of colour, can make me look and feel a million dollars in moments - ready to face the world.


Now I've learned how to apply these skills on everyone, to highlight your very best features in a subtle and beautiful way to make you look and feel amazing. Everyone deserves to feel great every day.


Makeup, for me, isn't about giving you the latest 'YouTube' look. It's about really seeing who you are and working together to create a look that's right for you, for the occasion and that is going to make you feel confident and beautiful. 


I am passionate about helping women discover the best versions of themselves. You are one of a kind, there is literally no-one else out there like you & makeup is simply a way to enhance your own natural beauty, not disguise it. 

My role isn't just about helping you look and feel beautiful. It's also about helping you feel completely at ease, knowing you're in safe calm hands.

I am also passionate about the products I use, which is why I only use the best premium, cruelty free products - products that wont harm your skin & ones that do actually work.

A picture of Naomi Morgan-Tolworthy Makeup smiling and looking slightly away and up from the camera